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Magnum Mining and Exploration Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:MGU)

Magnum’s current focus is the Tantalite Valley project, located near Karasburg and Warmbad, within the Magisterial district of Karas in southern Namibia. The Tantalite Valley project is located on Mining Licence 77 and contains numerous rare-metal pegmatites. The tantalum minerals occur within carbonatite and alkaline rocks known as pegmatites.

About Tantalum

Tantalum ores are found primarily in Australia, Africa, Canada and Brazil. Tantalum bearing minerals of greatest economic importance are tantalite, microlite and wodginite, however, it is common practice to name any tantalum mineral concentrate as tatalite. The single largest source of tantalum mineral concentrates is the production by Sons of Gwalia Ltd. From its Wodgina mine in Western Australia.

Rich concentrations of Tantalum minerals occur predominantly within rocks known as pegmatites. The most important mineral is tantalite (Fe,Mn) Ta205 often associated with columbite.

Tantalite is commonly associated with tin and, historically, a significant percentage of world production of tantalite was as a by-product of tin smelting coupled with the reworking of old dumps associated with tin mining and smelting operations. As the majority of these resources are exhausted, the mining of tantalite rich pegmatite deposits is an increasingly important source of supply.

The major use for tantalum is in the production of electronic components, mainly tantalum capacitors which are used in portable telephones, pagers, personal computers and automotive electronics. Alloyed with other metals, tantalum is used in the production of super-alloys for jet engine components and as tantalum carbide in high temperature cutting tools where its high melting point and corrosive resistant properties are required.

The sale of tantalum mineral concentrates is based upon the amount of tantalum oxide Ta205 that they contain.

The price of tantalite is determined on an individual contract basis and most such contracts are strictly bound by confidentiality clauses regarding the public disclosure of same.

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